Open ArcGIS and run CarryMap Builder


Launch extension from ArcGIS toolbar while viewing map you want to convert


Select map extraction area


Map can be extracted by current or full extent, selected polygon feature, or any free-hand polygon


Configure map settings


Set map protection options, customize identification cards and add publisher info


Run export process


Check that all settings are correct and make your ArcGIS map mobile by pressing the Start extraction button and you’re done


Open your mobile map in CarryMap app


To open your output mobile map, you need to download CarryMap application


Learn what's new is available in the most recent version


Free apps for smartphones and tablets with OS Android/iOS and Windows Desktop devices to work with interactive mobile maps created with CarryMap Builder.

Share your ArcGIS maps with wide range of GIS and non-GIS users

Try our powerful CarryMap Builder extension to export your ArcGIS map documents to mobile maps for further use on iOS, Android, and Windows devices, not tied up by internet availability. Mobile maps can be swiftly created from any ArcMap document preserving all source map properties including attributes, attachments, and particular symbology.