CarryMap Builder features

Extension to ArcGIS Desktop for creating compact interactive maps for further offline use on mobile devices.

Powerful map creation tools

ArcGIS maps can be customized when exported to mobile maps - you can define map extraction boundaries, specify corporate identity to make your mobile map recognizable and personalized, create identification templates, and so on.

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Map protection from unpermitted access

Select one or all the available options to protect your mobile map from unpermitted opening. The map can be protected with the password, the map availability start and end dates, as well as the option to allow access for selected devices only. In the latter case your map will be opened on those specific devices only, which IDs have been listed at the Map protection step.

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Seamless data collection and exchange in GeoPackage format

Your ArcGIS layers can be exported to standard OGC GeoPackage format enabling easy exchange of spatial data with other users inside and outside the company. That said, the GeoPackage files can be used as data collection templates or enable data exchange with the third-party application users. Besides, you can import GeoPackage files to bring the data collected with CarryMap apps back to ArcGIS.

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Support for geoprocessing (available for users with corporate and global licenses only)

The CarryMap Builder ‘Extract map’ and ‘Extract map by polygons’ tools are now implemented as geoprocessing tools available from ArcToolbox. Now you can use them as other standard ArcGIS ArcToolbox tools available in ArcGIS environment: run tools via dialog boxes and use in models.

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Merging multiple maps

With this tool you can merge multiple CMF2 maps into one map.

Map report

This tool allows getting summary report about created map providing info about size of the output CMF2 file, size and total number of feature classes in the map, coordinate system of the map, publisher name, contact details, etc.