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Featured Video Tutorial

This video is a complete review of system templates (stripe and table) available in CarryMap Builder, demonstrating practical example of setting and applying system templates for use in mobile maps.



This video is a review of stripes that can be added to the user template, and also demonstrates practical example of creating, setting, and utilizing user template in mobile maps.


This video is a review of the CarryMap Builder ‘Import from GeoPackage’ tool. With this tool you will be able to transfer your collected field data to ArcMap map document, including the existing feature class in the geodatabase.


This video is a review of the tool for setting custom search on map. Features on the mobile map can be searched by text or numeric data in attributes. With the customize map search option, you can select the fields by which you want to perform search or make them unavailable for search. This option will allow narrowing you search map results and making them maximal accurate, since including system field of attribute tables, for example, the output search result will not show irrelevant information. Upon extraction completion open the output map in the CarryMap app and search necessary features by entering your search text or numeric request by their attributes.


This video demonstrates the process of setting mobile maps protection. To limit access to your mobile maps or to avoid unauthorized distribution of your data, you can use map protection functionality provided in CarryMap Builder. You can select one of the available map protection options: password, map validity period, access for specific devices only, watermarks. 


Video demonstrates the process of exporting data to GeoPackage format (GPKG)
with the subsequent opening and changing in the CarryMap app.

Video demonstrates how to merge multiple CMF2 maps in the Desktop extension CarryMap Builder.

Video demonstrates how to convert CMF file to CMF2 in the Desktop extension CarryMap Builder.

This video demonstrates how to create maps by polygon features in the Desktop extension CarryMap Builder.